Cherry Quartz ~Tumbled Stone

Clear Quartz - Master Healer
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  • Cleansed on Selenite: Yes
  • Charged with Healing Energy: Yes
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Cherry Quartz

Source: Tanzania
Appearance: Combination of clear Quartz with flecks of color throughout.
Colour: Cherry Quartz: purplish-red. 
Composition: Cherry Quartz: Lepidolite (Lithium) mica in Quartz

Qualities: Cherry Quartz a charger.  Cherry Quartz placed over the thymus stimulates deep breathing with more air being taken in, resulting in reoxygenation of the whole body.

The combination also stimulates (Cherry) the autoimmune system returning it to balance when over- or under-active.
Placing the crystal on the heart seed and higher heart chakras releases spinal tension and contraction, extending the spine. A noticeable reduction in arthritic pain is quickly produced.
Emotionally, placing the crystal over the heart and then placing two more in the groin creases, or between the thumb and first finger of each hand, which is then placed in the groin crease, enables the releasing of old ties and resentment and encourages speaking about the hurts incurred. Once the release has taken place, the stones soothe the heart and stimulate forgiveness.
Using the crystals before bed ensures an excellent night’s sleep and is particularly useful in cases of prolonged insomnia.
Healing: heart and circulation, autoimmune and respiratory systems, spinal contraction, insomnia, arthritis.

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