Lapis Lazuli ~Tumbled Stones, Worry Stones, Pendants

Lapis Lazuli ~Tumbled Stones, Worry Stones, Pendants
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  • Cleansed on Selenite: Yes
  • Charged with Healing Energy: Yes
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Lapis Lazuli Worry/Massage Stone 


Lapis Lazuli is told to enhance one's awareness, insight and intellect ♥ 

Vibrational #: 3 

Chakra: Lapis Lazuli is ruled by Jupiter and aids in balancing and cleansing all the chakras. Lapis assists in awaking the Third Eye and for tapping into your intuition and strengthen psychic abilities, but use with care if placed directly on the Third Eye, as it is quite a powerful stone! 

Element: Water  

Planet: Jupiter 

Astrological Signs: Sagittarius 

Mohs Hardness Scale #: 7

Energy: Receptive 

Protection: This stone recognizes psychic attack, blocks it, and returns the energy to its source.

Healing: Lapis promotes clear understanding and intuition; it helps balance the function of the thyroid gland while strengthening the neck and vocal cords. 

Use it to soothe throats and all inflammation of the neck and head. It makes quite a powerful elixir to align the etheric, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

Physicians for ancient Egypt, Sumer and Babylon used lapis for many medicinal purposes, including curing eye cataracts. The connection with the eye may have come from the use of lapis to fashion carvings of a stylized, which was called the Eye of Isis or the All-Seeing Eye of the Goddess Maat. Since Isis was said to watch over the dead on their final journey, the lapis eye was placed in the sarcophagus with the mummy. The chief justice of Egypt wore the Eye of Maat when he rendered judgments. 

Special Properties: Lapis Lazuli is said to impart ancient knowledge and wisdom to its bearer, the knowledge bringing with it peacefulness, objectivity and self-acceptance. 

Properties: Lapis has been highly valued for many thousands of years. The most famous locality for fine quality lapis lazuli is in the same ancient deposit high in the mountains of Afghanistan where it was originally mined at least 6000 years ago. It was said to impart ancient knowledge, and the wisdom to use it and to enhance one's awareness, insight and intellect. 

Ground lapis was the secret of the blue in ultramarine, the pigment which painters used to paint the sea and the sky until the nineteenth century. Which means that all of the beautiful blues in paintings from the Renaissance are thanks to the blue of lapis lazuli; the blue rock loved by the ancients, from Mesopotamia, to Egypt, to Persia, to Greece and Rome. The ancient city of Ur has had a thriving trade in lapis as early as the fourth millennium B.C. The name is international, from the Latin, lapis, which means stone, and from the Arabic, aula, which means blue. When lapis was first introduced to Europe, it was called ultramarinum, which means beyond the sea. 

All cultures have used lapis to decorate the statures of the deities. It has always been greatly valued by rules, being used for magical and medicinal purposes. 



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