Tigers Eye Oval Pendant - Good Luck 1" - 2"

Tigers Eye Oval Pendant - Good Luck  1" - 2"
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  • Item #: TIG-PEN
  • Cleansed on Selenite: Yes
  • Charged with Healing Energy: Yes
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Tiger Eye Pendant 

Tiger Eye, also known as Tigers Eye, is a variety of Chalcedony.  Tiger Eye is an 18th Anniversary gemstone.  A stone of protection, Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer. ♥

Vibrational #: 4

Chakra:  Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Element: Fire, Earth

Planet: Sun

Astrological Signs: Capricorn

Mohs Hardness Scale #: 6.5 – 7.0

Energy: Projective

Protection: Tiger's eye is a protective stone that was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishing and curses.

Healing: Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety. Tiger Eye treats eyes, throat and reproductive organs, releases toxins, alleviates pain and is helpful in repairing broken bones and strengthening the alignment of the spinal column.

Special Properties:  Balancing yin-yang and energizing the emotional body,

Properties: Typical colors - golden-brown, blue, red

Tiger Eye has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.  Useful for recognizing one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others.  Tiger Eye stabilizes mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence, and releases tension.

Size: 1” – 2”

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